Martinet Recchia specializes in providing accounting and business advisory services to the construction industry.  Construction accounting is unique and has many distinctive variables that do not affect other industries.  They must adhere to special tax regulations that apply to the construction industry, comply with complicated state and federal regulations, and make complex financial and accounting decisions.  Martinet Recchia represents companies in many segments of the industry including general contractors, specialty trade subcontractors, building material suppliers, and architect and engineering firms.   

Construction Accounting is a type of project accounting and covers a range of subjects:

  • Benchmarking and risk analysis 
  • Bonding Cash flow strategies
  • Change order management 
  • Construction arbitration 
  • Contractor internal control 
  • Cost segregation & reporting
  • Financial statements
  • Job cost reporting
  • Lost productivity claims 
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Software system selection

Tax Due Dates